Friday, June 15, 2012

Candles in a Box, and an Online Video

Update (June 18, 2012)

Blogger's 'posts' menu glitch has been fixed, so I'm catching up. For example, this post now has a title that makes sense, and an embedded video. Thanks for your patience.

You can shop for Spiral Light Candles ("the candles with a twist") online. Or you could "find a retailer" on the Spiral Light Candle website:
Pretty soon, some of the stores will have this display:

That photo shows a prototype: the set that stores get has lenticular displays, showing the candle 'in motion.'

Lenticular displays aren't as versatile as video: which is also available for retailers. A time-lapse video of a "candle with a twist" is - what else? - online.

"Spiral Light's Spiral Burning Self Filling Candle "

SpiralLightCandle, YouTube (January 9, 2012) Video, 1:31

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