Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sometimes 'Business' and 'Social' Mix Online: Sometimes They Don't

Most of the time, I don't need - or want - to keep my 'business' and 'social' online activity separate. My work is writing, mostly about topics that come up in the social media communities I'm in. There's a lot of overlap, in that situation, between 'business' and 'social.'

Most folks aren't in my position. I ran into a post on Google+ That read, in part:

"I like Google Plus a great deal...

"...I don't really want to go to Google and search for exchange queue overloaded and see the bouncing red number in the upper right begging me to read and comment on some social activity...."
(Jeff Stevens)
Within an hour, a specific, practical, suggestion showed up in the comments. You may find it useful: or, not.

Now, an obligatory plug for Spiral Light Candle (spirallightcandle.com). I'm helping at the factory this week, and stuck around after hours to do some catch-up work.

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