Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Candles, a Store Locator, and Online Shopping

I entered the location of more stores in Spiral Light Candle's store locator database a few minutes ago. Data entry isn't my favorite task: but it's a family business, I'm part of the family, and it's one way I can help.

I like small businesses, and think it makes sense to shop locally. So, if you're looking for candles and in Mayville or Hillsboro, North Dakota: stop in at the Mayville Cenex, Sapphire's, or Dale's Food Pride. They sell Spiral Light Candles ( a new, unique, candle.

However, quite a few people don't live in Mayville, or Hillsboro, or anywhere else in Traill County, North Dakota.

Folks could make a special trip to Hillsboro, just to get those 'candles with a twist.' Hillsboro is between Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota: and some have.

It's probably easier to find a nearby shop on Spiral Light Candle's Find a Retailer page:

Spiral Light Candle has a pretty good online store, too.

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