Friday, April 13, 2012

Spiral Light Candle: Factory and Offices In Use; New Website Launched

As of Monday evening this week, Spiral Light Candle Corporation's new website has been up. ( It looks good: and, at least as important, does a pretty good job of introducing folks to Spiral Light Candle's products.

Contact information for Spiral Light Candle wholesale distributors is in place, too.

Getting to this point took longer than expected. But the results, I think, were worth it. There's more work to do, and that's something I'll leave for another post.

Potato Warehouse to Candle Factory: On-Schedule and On-Budget

The Spiral Light Candle factory in Hillsboro, North Dakota, got transformed from a potato warehouse to a climate-controlled production, shipping, and office facility (almost) on-schedule; and (very nearly) on-budget.

When the first candles came off the production line, Spiral Light Candle's factory was quite a few days past the 'optimistic' version of our schedule; and within a few percentage points of the projected budget. Looks like that planning paid off.

Spiral Light Candle factory, south section: during construction. December 31, 2011.

Spiral Light Candle factory, candles ready for labeling. March-April, 2012.

Spiral Light Candle factory, south section: production floor and offices. March-April, 2012.

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