Monday, June 4, 2007

Tales From the Geek Side: The Return

Amazing. In fewer than ten hours, I've deleted a directory tree, with its contents, messed up quite a bit of perfectly simple CSS code, and scrambled the navigation system that I spent part of last Friday and Saturday assembling.

Not only that, but I completed a local newsletter, printing out a press-ready copy with an egregious error. No time to fix the error with software: I hastily inked in a corrected set of dates. My story is that I was trying to make the dates in question stand out: and I'm sticking with that.

I really should get some sort of award: the Spindled, Bent, and Mutilated Hollerith Card, perhaps? Or the Fried Flash Card? Try saying that last one fast, five times.

Happily, I was able to get back a critical part of what was in that deleted directory tree. And, my latest Web effort is close enough to being ready so that I'll risk posting a link to Minnesota for Web-Wise Travelers.

There are only two pages ready for viewing: the home page and one dealing with Minnesota's bluff region. My hope is that, most of the formatting issues being more-or-less resolved, pouring content into the rest of the pages will be fairly quick and straightforward.

Somehow, though, I don't think things will work out that way.

Later: up- and down-sides of working with close kin.

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