Sunday, June 24, 2007

Insomnia is Your Enemy

In my previous post, I recorded the creative breakthroughs I achieved in the early hours of this morning. Had it not been for a bout of insomnia, I wouldn't have awakened this morning with two 3d-design issues resolved.

Now, I'm not so sure that sleep-for-ideas was a good trade. I've been less than scintillating in conversations with family today. Several times I've stopped in mid-sentence, finally pulling one of my 'never mind' phrases out of storage: and *those* weren't easy to find.

It's just as well that I take a traditional approach to Sunday. This has not been a day for me to take on any very demanding task.

Getting back to what I accomplished in the small hours of this morning, only one of the developments might, by a big stretch of the imagination, be called a breakthrough. It's debatable, whether or not the idea of increasing the scale of everything in the 3d graphics software a hundred-fold would have occurred to me if I'd slept more last night.

I'd certainly have slogged my way to the other discovery - that was almost purely a matter of marching through alternative software settings.

Sleep-free nights weren't this much of an issue thirty years ago: although even during my first encounter with college it wasn't a good idea to skip my eight hours.

These days, I'll be doing well to have my abilities up to average by tomorrow morning.

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