Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Creative Impulses and Other Distractions

I've spent most of this morning on Loonfoot Falls, a project in process that should be ready to be unleashed later this summer. A mild outburst of insomnia last night resulted in some useful ideas floating up from my subconscious: rather in the manner of something appearing on the surface on a serene, algae-covered lagoon.

At least, they could be useful: I won't know until I've put them down in semi-permanent digital form, waited a while, and reviewed the things.

Meanwhile, the lists of links for "Minnesota for Web-Wise Travelers" aren't organizing themselves. The rest of today will be occupied with that task.

The Loonfoot lunacy is much more fun than getting those 800 or so URLs divided into useful chunks, but Minnesota for Web-Wise has greater urgency. We're already into the tourist season, and I can't start marketing my new site until it's all there.

So, it's farewell to graphics and text software, hello to spreadsheet.

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