Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good Copywriting means Writing Good Copy

After running into a few appalling examples of written miscommunication, I decided that it was time for me to share a little of what I've learned as an English-teacher-turned-advertising-copywriter.

Then I found Nikole Gipps' "Copywriting - Tips, Suggestions, and What to Avoid." (Newbies: This post's title links to Gipps' monograph.)

Being a nitpicker, I noticed that Gipps' post started by using the word "Verbal" when the context made it plain that "Oral" was meant.

It's a good piece, though. Gipps' "Hallmarks of Good Copywriting" list at the end could be copied and taped to monitors as a sort of do/don't reminder.

So, I'll put off my 'u two shod rite good' piece until another day.

Or month.

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