Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'd Never Be That Stupid

During one of those dot-com fiascoes I read an article about a particularly impressive failure.

A band of highly talented, intelligent, and creative people made enormous sums of money. Not realizing how wildly income can fluctuate, they spent money as if their income spike was a plateau.

Their offices were a wonderland of huge ceiling-mounted television screens, with ergonomic executive chairs at every desk and workstation: apparently, all the creature comforts and technological toys they could find.

It could have been worse. If the optimistic greenhorns had blown their earnings on steak and champaign, their creditors would have been losers, too.

At the time, I smugly thought that I'd never make such a novice mistake.

Last year, I found a great deal of very spiffy software, and spent rather more money than I had, getting it.


I may be able to figure out a way to use all that stuff, or I may not. The sort of software it is, I can't re-sell it, or return it. I'm being vague, because the details aren't that important, except to me. Besides, this is embarrassing enough as it is.

I've stopped the hemorrhage of funds, but every cent that I spent back then is money I can't spend now.

I try to find a positive spin on everything, but the best I find here is that all that stuff may come in handy, someday.

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