Thursday, June 14, 2007

Goofing Off When You're the Boss

One of the truly frustrating things about owning my own business is that I have to deal with the boss every time I goof off. And, since I'm the boss, I can't stay blissfully ignorant about what the staff is up to.

Take today, for example. I was up until about 2:00 last night, partly getting a website updated, partly staring blankly at the screen. My efficiency plummets as midnight approaches, but there was a deadline involved.

This morning was not one of my stellar days, in terms of mental clarity and efficiency.

Instead of following this week's schedule and getting the other 9/10 of Minnesota for Web-Wise Travelers™ organized and published, I picked up a back-burner project that depends more on a willingness to digitally doodle for hours than on a high capacity for linear thought.

I okayed the schedule change, as boss of the company. Then, as the creative staff of the company, I spent time doing makee-learnee on 3D graphics software while planning a setting that will get used later this year.

Problem is, while I was doing that, the boss (also me) had second thoughts. I noticed that the creative staff was having entirely too much fun, and didn't seem to be nearly as impaired as claimed in the morning.

So, I had a meeting with myself as creative staff and myself as boss. We decided that the creative work could continue, with the understanding that the administrative sort of work would be done, starting Friday morning.

The old saying, 'you've nobody to blame buy yourself' has a special meaning in situations like this.

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