Sunday, June 24, 2007

Insomnia is Your Friend

Between slight gastrointestinal distress and flocks of swooping thoughts, midnight arrived last night while I was still awake. One of the winged ideas was that, although a slice of toast might not deflect dive-bombing concepts, it might alleviate what was going on south of my ribs.

With that thought in mind, and with a particularly persistent member of a thought-flock having found a perch between my ears, I went down to the kitchen.

Toast prepared and consumed, I discovered that the perching idea had laid an egg. Since I was already awake, letting it hatch seemed reasonable.

I've had it with that metaphor. To cut short story shorter, I booted my 'work' computer and tested my new idea.

Good news: I found a fairly simple solution to the problem of getting my 3d graphics software to mimic atmospheric perspective (the way that distant things look hazy and bluish).

As long as I was awake, and at the computer, I started playing with the software's methods of making landscapes.

More good news: Plausible (if not quite realistic) landscapes are easier to make than I thought they would be.

All this achieved, thanks to sleeplessness!

Imagine the problems I could solve, the creative works I could produce, if only I had insomnia more often!

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