Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Troll Poll - Just for Fun

At first glance, trolls have nothing to do with starting and running a business.

After brief consideration, however, business owners have enough stress to deal with, without the help of cybertwits getting in the way of online discussion.

In an effort to relieve stress, and to satisfy my curiosity about the views of others on this Information Age pest, I created a poll last month. Of six responders, one felt that online trolls most nearly resembled gnats, another that they were like coyotes. Two each voted for "horse flies" or "rabid badgers."

If you are a LiveJOURNAL member, I invite you to participate in Troll Poll II: Return of the Troll Poll. It takes only a few seconds to complete. (If you aren't, you might consider joining that online community - particularly if you have artistic or creative interests.)

I hope you have as much fun with this poll as I had, creating it.

I plan to post the results of the poll after (and if) responses accumulate.

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