Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Justice Goes Back on the Grill: $54 Million Pants Back in Play

All things considered, I prefer living in a country whose legal system that, in theory, allows for people to seek redress for grievances. Sometimes, though, it feels like the legal system in the United States makes it too easy for a rogue or a lunatic to harass others.

The strange case of the Korean dry cleaners, a judge's $54 million pants, and the trouserphilic judge's interpretation of the District of Columbia's consumer protection laws, is back in the news.

Today's Washington Post Metro: The District section posted "Pants Suit Plaintiff Asks Judge to Reconsider" as its third story, after "Greater Southeast Could Get Receiver" and "Rhee Approved as Schools Chief". The online edition of the paper even has a pretty good photo of Judge Roy Pearson, taken June 13, 2007.

Administrative judge Roy Pearson is trying to grab the brass ring again. According to the article, Pearson feels that the judge who heard the case didn't pay enough attention to the "satisfaction guaranteed" sign that Soo and Jin Chung put up in their dry cleaning establishment. The Washington Post says that Pearson filed his latest papers late on the night of July 10, 2007.

Even if Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff refuses to review the case, Judge Pearson can go to D.C. Court of Appeals for a third try.

As someone who's fairly low on the economic food chain and trying to start a business, I'll admit that I'm cheering for the Chungs. Judge Roy Pearson has his position in D.C. society and a compliant legal system on his side. All the Chungs have to defend themselves is good sense.

The Chungs are asking Judge Bartnoff to make Judge Pearson pay $83,000 that they've spent in legal fees so far.

In case Judge Bartnoff doesn't cooperate, or Pearson emulates O. J. Simpson and doesn't pay up, the Chungs have a defense fund set up:

Custom Cleaners Defense Fund

And, a few other blogs on Judge Roy Pearon's vendetta against the Koreans:

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