Monday, July 30, 2007

Stay Focused: But on What?

It's been several days since I posted on this blog.

In that time, I took video of the Stearns County Fair and put together one three "Realreels" about the fair that I plan to put online.

I created a 3d landscape, ostensibly as a sort of comic-relief for a business website that I'm developing for myself. Actually, it's an opportunity for me to learn how to handle 3d authoring software for use in a publishing project that might, maybe, get off the ground next year.

I kept up to date with an online community or two, where I meet people, learn more about the blogosphere and how it's perceived, and (I hope) develop a contact or two, and create interest in my blogs and websites.

I updated blogs; noticed that I'd gotten seriously off-topic on one, and made a course correction; launched a blog on outdoor grilling that I hope will help feed a website about outdoor grilling - and vice-versa.

I put the outdoor grilling website further toward the front in my priorities. I won't say that it's a disaster, but it is about as exciting as a telephone directory as it is.

What was the title of this post? That's right: it had something to do with focus.

An issue that I've noticed, at least with me, is that I tend to spend more time than I should on projects that most engage my talents and interests. Those aren't necessarily the ones that should get the most attention, though.

Without a supervisor to keep track of me, I have to keep an eye on me, myself.

Easy? Fun? No, but that's not the point. All the jobs need doing, even management.

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MS said...

Maybe it's time to jump on the GTD bandwagon. (I'm talking about David Allen, _Getting Things Done_.) There's been a lot of buzz about it over the past few years. It helped me to finish my diss., defend it, and reenter the teaching world. But I've fallen off the GTD-wagon and mean to set things up again in the next couple weeks.

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