Sunday, July 8, 2007

Recreation, Relaxation, and Censored Lava Lamps

Sometimes you just have to take time off, or you'll go crazy. Or crazier, as members of my family have claimed is the case with me from time to time.

For me, time off is Sunday. I go to church, grill lunch, spend time with the family, surf the Web in a desultry way, and in general kick back and relax.

Reading jokes and funny stories seemed like a good idea. One article, "Brit fumes over Wikipedia, lava lamps," seemed like a good place to start.

Not the best choice. It turns out that Wikipedia had censored an article on Lava Lamps, removing it from their online knowitall collection. The Brit had a reaon for fuming. The Wikipedia Lava Lamps are back, now. I even have an idea I know why the article was banned.

On the other hand, that digital diversion to the other side of the Atlantic led me to If surgery was like Wikipedia..., which was funny, in a grim sort of way.

Still looking for a yuck or two, I checked out "Going Bonkers Business Edition - The Business Magazine with a Sense of Humor"" - only to discover that they expect to be paid for a subscription! That's not funny.

It seems to be an interesting magazine, though. Some of the listed articles were:

  • The Benefits of Kissing
  • Get Off the "Yes" Treadmill
  • Dealing with Life's Unexpected Turns
  • For Parents Only
Then I struck gold. The Miami Herald archived Dave Barry columns at least far back as 1994. I enjoyed Night of the living roach and Living under the influence of the Weirdness Magnet, but personal tastes will vary.

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