Friday, November 9, 2007

One Schedule: Kaput for the Day

That schedule I put together went 'pop' today, for the most part.

The digital camera I use to make photos for my 'flagship' website's journal ("Sauk Centre This Season / Sauk Centre Journal") is 'at the shop.'

I made my longest video recording yet with it, last weekend. And learned that I can't get the video out of the camera and into my computer. I think it's too large - or that it's so large that it takes too long for the system to handle.

So, I drove 20 miles to the nearest business that handles technical issues to my satisfaction. The technician who would handle the job had today off, so I left the camera there. I'm hoping that the files will be out of the camera and on a dvd Monday.

Or, since Monday is the day after Veteran's Day here in America, it may be Tuesday before I see the camera again.

That trip took almost two hours out of the day.

Down side, lots of time spent.

Up side, I had time to think while on the Interstate.

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