Saturday, November 10, 2007

Managing Yourself as a Small Business Owner:
Trying, Anyway

Despite what the "Dilbert" comic strip shows, managers need to think.

Since management is an important, no, make that vital, part of what you do in a sole proprietorship, I try to think. "At least once a week, whether I need it or not." I think I read that in a Pogo comic strip.

I thought a bit, and read a bit, today. The thinking was mostly about the schedule I'm developing. I see that the items on the schedule are more goals than tasks. Today, I spent some time working out the specific tasks involved.

That's a pretty vague statement, I know. When/if I get something worth showing, I'll post it.

Aside from task-defining, I thought through what I should be working on next.

Veteran's Day is tomorrow: that's going to be number one.

The reading I did was mostly something moderately technical about coding Web pages. I dozed off while doing that. More about that tomorrow, I think.

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