Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Equipment, Maintenance, and Backup

I spent part of this afternoon get getting my 'main' digital camerIa back. It had been 'in the shop' in Alexandria (Computer Specialists: where my last computer was built,and where I take devices for repair).

Good news: it seems to be in working order.

Not-so-good news: video I took, of a lesson one of my daughters gave, is probably unrecoverable.

I learned something from the experience, though. The video probably got corrupted because I made a continuous recording, over a half hour long. That's very likely too long for the storage technology I'm using.

Live and learn.

I plan to use the (corrupted?) files as practice pieces for recovering video data.

While I was in Alexandria (the nearest larger town - about 8,000 people: about 20 miles down the road), I got a "4-port hub" for a USB port. I'm planning to enhance a Web page. More about that later.

Faced with no usable camera for a few days, I stared thinking about how sensible it might be to have backup equipment on hand.

On the one hand, with redundant equipment, I'd be able to keep projects, and updates, going without interruption.

On the other hand, that redundant equipment costs money: which is a scarce commodity here.

Looks like I'll be repairing and replacing equipment on an as-needed basis.

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