Monday, November 12, 2007

No Wonder Managers Make More

One of the advantages of working in a large business, and being under the supervision of someone else, is that you can blame your boss for bad management. As a sole proprietor of a tiny business, you can do the same thing, but it's like throwing mud in the air: it comes right back at you.

This morning, I looked over the first (partial) week of my new time schedule.

I came to the conclusion that, in terms of planning and execution, it could have been worse.

The biggest issue seems to be dealing with unexpected events, with keeping an eye on myself running a close second.

I'm making a few revisions of the schedule, filling last week's sheet, and getting on with a new unexpected issue.

The digital camera I have in the shop for a dataectomy is in worse shape than I figured. The technician is, currently, using some sort of data-recovery program in an effort to scoop the video files out.

I'm thinking about getting another camera.

Great: more money going the wrong way.

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