Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Computers, Equipment, and Flexibility


This afternoon, something went wrong with the 'main' computer: the one that I do most of the 'heavy lifting' on. I'll be bringing it into the shop Tuesday morning. That's the earliest I could get a spot on their workbench.

That's five days, during which I'll be finding something else to get done. My first-choice plans for the Labor Day weekend included getting some serious 3D artwork done, plus some other graphics. That's not going to happen now.

There's good news: It looks like my data is okay, and I've got lower-priority tasks to work on.

And, I've got a work-around for the two updates to a webpage ("Sauk Centre Journal") that will come due while the 'main' computer is down.

The lesson here is: backup equipment is a good idea.

Too bad I don't have the budget for it, at this point.

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