Friday, October 3, 2008 Launched Today: Sauk Centre Journal Goes Solo, Sort of

I launched the Sauk Centre Journal seven years ago next month. It was a page on my original stand-alone website, Brendan's Island, where I wrote about what was going on in Sauk Centre.

People started reading it, and pretty soon the Sauk Centre Journal was the second-most-viewed page on Brendan's Island. Which is pretty impressive, since at that time it was a couple of clicks away from the website's home page, with a slightly complex URL: I could have changed the URL when I changed the name of the page from "Sauk Centre This Season" to "Sauk Centre Journal." So many people had it bookmarked, though, that I decided to keep the URL the way it was.

Last month, someone in town told me that I should give the Sauk Centre Journal its own URL: one that was easier to remember. Thinking it over, I realized that this was a very good idea.

So today I registered the domain saukcentrejournal dot com, and redirected that URL to the Sauk Centre Journal page.

People who bookmarked the old URL won't notice any difference, but now I hope that the Sauk Centre Journal will start attracting even more visitors. Eventually, I plan to change the appearance of the Sauk Centre Journal pages, but that will have to wait.

I update the Journal promptly every Wednesday and Sunday night. Unless something happens, which has been happening quite a bit lately.

Next week, I gotta get organized!

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