Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Banned in Boston" - Not the Worst Fate

Remember the days when screenwriters and playwrights hoped for a "Banned in Boston" review? There's a positive side to censorship, from a marketing point of view.

Sometimes, getting banned can draw attention to an otherwise mediocre movie, play: or blog.

Not that my "Starting a Small Business Without Losing my Mind" is mediocre, of course.

However, I may be in the process of getting banned on Technorati. Checking my status today, I noticed that this blog is titled "403 Forbidden"

I also notice that one of my posts, " 'The American Dream' Still Exists" is missing from the Technorati listing.

That may explain it. If you read the post, you'll find it a veritable screed of common sense, together with a set of observations intended as grim humor.

We'll see how this situation plays out.


J. C. said...

I am a little saddened if that is the case. The everlasting and ever coming princess of censorship is riding again. I hope that spiders have blown up, cause I do not see a reason for censorship in your post. If the witty humor is the reason they shoul arrest Jerry Seinfeld.

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

J. C.,

The Technorati issue could be technical.

The strange "403 Forbidden" title(s) have disappeared, and my listings are back to normal. Except that "The American Dream" Still Exists" is still unlisted on Technorati.

Referring to these posts as "witty humor" ! with a comparison to Jerry Seinfeld. Thank you very much! I'll try to keep that up.

Finally, I'm glad that you see no reason for censoring that post. I hope that many people see it that way.

However, my comparison of the ideas in "Scratch Beginnings" and the much more politically correct "Nickled and Dimed" does contradict the cherished belief (of some) that 'the poor' in America are locked in a hopeless cycle of misery.

Worse, my list of reasons why some might argue that Adam Shepard cheated might be a problem.

People whose views are politically correct might find the list uncomfortably accurate.

I'll probably never know whether we're looking at an oddly selective database error, or something else.

("Following" list moved here, after Blogger changed formats)

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