Thursday, January 3, 2008

Working From Home:
Short Commute, Low Overhead, and Office Sharing

My second-oldest daughter just now told me that I can use the computer. That's the family's term for the main computer, in my office.

"My office" is a desk and several square yards of what we call the "north room." It's also the room where music gets practiced and made, and has other uses.

This morning, it was used as a sort of impromptu conference room for my wife and our second-oldest daughter. I walked in on a very serious discussion they were having.

Thankfully, I had the sense to ask if I'd be interrupting anything. I'm pretty sure that they were having a mother-daughter talk about a transition this family is going through. There's a little more about that, over at another blog, "Through One Dad's Eye."

Working from home is fine, but sometimes the "office" can't be used exclusively for business. And, that's inconvenient.

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