Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Getting Sick is Not a Good Idea

My wife took the two at-home kids to the clinic yesterday morning. They've got strep. My wife's coming down with it, and that might explain the way I've been feeling lately. Although it's more likely that what's been slowing me down is a warm-up act. I'll probably come down with Streptococcal sore throat later on.

I wrote more about this family's experience in another post, Tuesday: Due to Lack of Interest, Monday was Cancelled this Week"

The effect that all this has had on the Brian H. Gill company is the same as if the entire staff of a larger company came down with a mild pip. In my case, no amount of positive thinking or rugged determination will raise my efficiency when I get caught between bugs snuggled up among my cells, and my immune system.

The only way I know of to avoid getting minor illnesses is to live in isolation from other people.

I'm not likely to sequester myself in central Alaska, or some equally isolated place So, I'll have to continue accepting those times when my depths of imperfection become more profound than usual.

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